You probably know Jon Fratelli, whether you realize it or not, from his work with The Fratellis. The band literally had commercial success with hits like “Chelsea Dagger” and “Flathead” which were featured in Safeway & iPod ads, respectively. Roger Daltrey praised, “They remind me of The Who when we were starting out in the ’60s. The same vibe, and great songs.”

Like Daltrey, Jon Fratelli is starting a solo career with his debut album Psycho Jukebox. Fittingly the music video for the first single “Santo Domingo” features Jon strolling down a road as one-man band. It’s a fun light-hearted song with a country feel, each verse ending with twangy shout (twangy even for Jon).

“Rhythm Doesn’t Make You a Dancer” on the other hand has a much fuller sound and is more representative of his work.

Jon recorded so much material that he released a free EP, The Magic Hour, and if it’s any indication Psycho Jukebox is gonna be insane.

“This is the best collection of songs I’ve written,” says Fratelli. “I think these songs will make sense to people who liked The Fratellis, but I try not to over-think things. It’s all part of the same thing to me, making music.”

Download The Magic Hour EP and “Rhythm Doesn’t Make You a Dancer” for free @
Psycho Jukebox release date: July 19, 2011