New Theme

Aqua Teen Hunger Force may have a new name (and theme) but it’s still the same old nonsensical hijinks.

The new theme belies the nature of the show just like the old theme did. Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad aren’t really detectives.

In the first episode, Shake gets sidetrack from finding a missing cat and accuses a very large, very black demolition worker of insurance fraud and not really being black. From his hospital bed Shake deduces, “I think that guy took her cat and then framed us in saying we were detectives because we clearly have not been trained for that.”

Fed up, Frylock suggests they go back to doing what they used to do because “This new show is not any good at all.”

Shake does the only reasonable thing: hyper sleep 9 years into the future! He reasons that the future will be so crime-ridden that anyone can be a detective. Naturally, he awakes to find the is future crime free… and Frylock and Meatwad are gone forever! (or just moved, again)

Same Show