The Doctor often travels with young women but his latest companion is so young that we may need a sequel to “The Trial of a Time Lord.”


In the mid-season finale “A Good Man Goes to War” the Doctor’s future girlfriend (River Song) reveals that she is Amy’s baby (Melody Pond). Initially, the Doctor seems appropriately uncomfortable and says “But you and I we… (kissing noises)” but then he smiles and rubs his hands together.

Girl you’ll be a woman soon.

Amy probably won’t be asking the Doctor to babysit any time soon but that shouldn’t be a problem. Exposure to the TARDIS time vortex has made Melody part Time Lord as a result she seems to be unstable and regenerating her way into adulthood so by the time the Doctor rescues her this could the Tom Hank’s movie Big all over again and just as creepy.

Who’s the best man!?

According to River she was imprisoned for killing the best man she ever knew. This seems to be the Doctor, who was apparently killed by Melody in “The Impossible Astronaut” but we never actually see who is in the spacesuit and now that we know Rory is her father it’s possible that he is the best “man” she has ever known. The lack of photographs of Rory in Melody’s room in “Day of the Moon” could be another clue. Melody may not even know who her father is until after she kills him.

Double trouble.

Instead of dying in the “Forest of the Dead” there could be 2 River Songs now. Unlike the rest of the people whose minds and bodies were “saved” by the living computer, CAL, only a backup of River’s mind was uploaded. We never actually see her remains or their condition. It’s possible she didn’t regenerate until after the Doctor left like the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, did.