Fans of anime and manga series Ranma ½ have long wondered if Ranma, the gender bending protagonist who transforms into a woman when splashed with cold water, could ever become pregnant. To which creator Rumiko Takahashi answers, “I don’t think about that, and neither should you.”

Well apparently one of the writers on the British TV series Misfits has been thinking about it. In season 3 episode 6, a boy who possesses the super power to voluntarily transform between genders, becomes stuck in his female form when he gets pregnant… by himself! The result of masturbating in his female form right after wanking in his male form (see how important it is to wash your hands). Fortunately for him, an abortion is as simple as swapping powers with someone else.

Presumably if Ranma got pregnant he would also get stuck in his female form and have to end the curse to end the pregnancy (as opposed to real life where you have end the pregnancy to end the curse).