South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone debuted the first trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth at E3 2012. The graphics are just as bad as the show, which is exactly what they were aiming for.

“We got approached a couple years ago to do a South Park game,” said Stone. “The only thing that really interested us was if we could make a game that felt like you were in an episode of South Park. To do that you had to get the look right. It had to look like and episode of South Park, which is pretty crappy.”

During development, the creators had an epiphany. “After 15 years of doing the show, it was the first time that Matt and I were like where is Kyle’s house because we can always cut to Kyle’s house,” said Parker. “So we’ve been spending a lot of time, for the first time, mapping out how the actual town is.”

In this fully fleshed out world, you’ll encounter all the show’s classic characters: vampire kids, ginger kids, hippies, underpants gnomes, crab people, woodland critters, Jesus, and even Mr. Slave, complete with his special (bowel) move. The clashing cliques threaten to destroy the town so Klye steps up to save them but Cartman balks “Jews can’t be saviors.” It’s up to you, the “new kid,” but first you’ll have to prove you’re hella cool. You can customize your character right down to your name but Cartman will just call you “douchebag.” Slightly less offensive nicknames can be obtained by completing various missions. It’s a turn-based RPG with a combat system similar to that of Paper Mario. Well-timed attacks and blocks will deal and deflect damage accordingly.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be released on March 5, 2013 for PS3 and PC but the Xbox 360 version is definitely the one you want to get.

Xbox Exclusives

  • Kinect allows you to taunt your enemies. Call Cartman a “fat ass,” and he’ll respond.
  • The first three downloadable episode packs will be available first on Xbox 360.
  • Pre-order to receive the Xbox exclusive Mysterion Superhero Pack; which includes Mysterion Special Attack, Superhero Costume, and Dagger of Cthulhu; and also receive the PS3 and PC pre-order bonus Good Times With Weapons Pack; which includes Bulrog Chicken Attack, Cartman’s Kick-Ass Sai, Samurai Costume.