Animator Junaid Chundrigar is having a very good day thanks to the success of his viral video Disassembled, a series of slapstick skits that show us heroes and villains on their worst days. The playful-looking characters scream for attention, which they got from comic book legend Stan Lee. It probably didn’t hurt that he makes a cameo.

The concept has been picked up for a web series called Bad Days, which will be featured on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, a YouTube channel for all things related to heroes, villains and the world of fandom.

Q&A with Junaid Chundrigar

L7 World: When will Bad Days debut?

Chundrigar: It will start in the fall, can’t say the date yet.

L7 World: Will it only be only be available online (World of Heroes) or is there any chance of TV spots similar to the DC Nation Shorts on Cartoon Network?

Chundrigar: For now we’ll keep it online, it’s too early to talk about TV. I love the idea though!

L7 World: How many episodes will there be?

Chundrigar: Twelve episodes of approximately 2 minutes.

L7 World: Will each episode be a series of shorts similar to Robot Chicken or will they focus on specific characters like DC Nation Shorts?

Chundrigar: Each episode will focus on a character or group (like the X-men) as we see multiple sketches involving them but also other characters from that world.

L7 World: Will any of the characters be voiced besides Stan Lee, and will Stan have cameos in each episode?

Chundrigar: Stan will make cameos, can’t say more.

L7 World: Are the characters solely from DC and Marvel or will Image comics be included?

Chundrigar: Mainly DC and Marvel but as you saw in the trailer, we’ll do others like Hellboy as well.

L7 World: Finally, will there be any “Good Days” in store for the characters?

Chundrigar: There are small moments of “Good Days” in there. Venom is having the time of his life.