Carl’s Jr has released a director’s cut (read: uncensored) of its Memphis BBQ Burger commercial featuring G4’s Sara Underwood and model Emily Ratajkowski.

This super-sized version is twice as long. Most of that time is filled with shots of girls butts, including a reverse angle shot of the scene where they bump butts while fighting over the grill.

Finger Licking Good

The real star is Ratajkowski, or at least her lips, which devour the mouthwatering meat. However, it’s apparently too much even for these plump lips. Luckily (for us), Underwood doesn’t let a drop go to waste.

Not surprisingly, the director’s cut can only be viewed online. “Because sometimes it’s just too hot for TV,” reads the video description. Unfortunately, it’s still only available in 480p! Please do your civic duty and protest this injustice by requesting 720p on the YouTube page.