To boldly go where no doodle has gone before…

The latest Google Doodle is an interactive story that celebrates the 46th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series. It features the cast as stylized Google letters. The letter ‘G’ is Mr Spock, the first ‘o’ is Lt. Uhura, the second ‘o’ is Captain Kirk, the second ‘g’ is Dr. McCoy, ‘l’ is Mr. Sulu, and ‘e’ is an understandably nervous redshirt.

“We went through lot of different iterations,” doodler Ryan Germick told EW. “What we’re looking to do is show them. And it seemed like a way to double-down sort of silly, campy nature of what we’re doing with the doodle to put in Kirk’s block of hair, Spock’s ears. It’s a testament to the power of the show, and how iconic it is, that you can just put a couple details on anything, even a letter ‘G’ and know it’s a Vulcan. That was really fun to play with and informs the whole direction of [the silly style].”

Germick says there are lots of “tiny nuggets from the show” which include things like the aforementioned redshirt, Uhura’s camera light, tribbles, and the infamous fight scene from the classic episode “Arena” (video below). The nostalgia will have trekkies and trekkers alike beaming.