Yet another elevator prank has gone viral. On the Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos, unsuspecting victims enter an empty elevator. The lights go out and a creepy little girl appears. She’s dressed to look like the contorting ghost from The Ring but she mostly just stands there. In just a few days, the video has received 9 million views, which is the only thing that’s scary about this uninspired J-horror wannabe.

If you really want to see scary pranks, go to the source. Japanese pranks shows pull no punches and do things that would probably be illegal anywhere else. Watch “5 Awesome Japanese Pranks” below. [spoiler] They feature a ghost in the mirror, a fake wrecking ball collision, a Porta Potty that transforms into a jet ski, a massage chair that transforms into a snowmobile, and a fake gang shootout! [spoiler]