Even after Dragon Ball AF was revealed to be a cruel April Fools’ joke, fans held out hope the franchise would continue and now it is thanks to YouTube user Mellavelli (Melvin E.Dompig).

Dragonball Absalon takes place long after Dragon Ball GT but the story sounds very familiar to the Saiyan / Frieza saga. An evil alien Cyborg controls an army of pureblood Saiyans and comes to Earth to recruit more. However, there are plenty of unique characters like Razzle, a henchmen whose playful smile belies his deadliness, and very badass-looking Krillin as the new Turtle Hermit.

Some inconsistencies are apparent in the animation style and quality like lopsided heads or stiff movements but overall it looks nice, particularly the beautiful backgrounds. The voice acting is great and includes some professional work by Roy Bunales (theVoiceofRoy), who does the narration. He sounds like the real thing but a little higher pitch. Subtitles are included because some of the audio is hard to hear, which they are working on.

“I will say that the only complaint I have and many youtube fans have is the Voice actors audio is not loud enough and that makes it difficult to hear at times,” says Brian Tubbs, one of the voice actors. “This problem is being addressed and will be fixed by episode 2.”

The second episode will be released in February and then another every month, according to Mellavelli.