Cyborg 009 Graphic Novel Preview
Cyborg 009, Japan’s first super hero team, is being reimagined for a Western audience. Archaia Entertainment announced it will be releasing a graphic novel by writers F.J. DeSanto (The Spirit film) and Bradley Cramp (Invertigo) and artist Marcus To (DC Comics’ Red Robin and Huntress)

“We are trying to reach a new audience with this book, but we are determined to do so only in a way that is respectful of the heart, soul and intent of the original work,” Desanto told AX.

“Our pre-requisite was that it had to be rich and cinematic, yet most importantly with a look that still possessed the heart and spirit of the original characters,” he explained. “We knew this would be the most crucial element any artist would have to bring to this project. It became very obvious right away that Marcus To was the man for the book. He instinctively understood the property right away and immediately knew how to make everything look fresh while retaining the elements people love about the team. As we continue to work on the book, we are writing it to tailor it for Marcus so he can let loose and really draw something special.”

The initial designs had the team wearing dissimilar uniforms that resembled typical super hero spandex.

However, Robot 6 has a 5 page preview that shows the cyborgs looking like their old selves (minus the yellow scarfs). The origins of the cyborgs are also intact. A flashback sequence shows the tragic circumstances that led to their abduction by the Black Ghost Organization, which transformed them into cyborgs.

The Cyborg 009 graphic novel will be out in July, followed by a live-action movie adaptation.