Age of Ultron covers
One of the Avenger’s greatest enemies is of their own making: Ultron, a robot built to serve humanity but that wants to rule them instead. He succeeds in Age of Ultron, a 10-issue series by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco.

“This is not the future. This is not an alternate reality. This is happening,” the trailer declares.

The story opens with Earth’s heroes broken and defeated. They hide in the sewers, while Ultron rules unopposed from a floating city hovering over Manhattan. Hawkeye manages to rescue Spider-Man from a group of collaborators but when they return to their hideout they get a cold reception. The others decided that if he left, he shouldn’t return because he might lead Ultron back to them. Hawkeye tells them they should be ashamed of themselves for giving up. They’re insist that they haven’t given up and that they’re just waiting on a plan from Captain America, who is shown hiding in the corner with his not-so-unbreakable shield.

Given the circumstances it’s understandably darker and readers may not like what they see says Tom Brevoort, Editor and Senior Vice President of publishing at Marvel.

“Part of the ethos we’re trying to adopt, as part of Marvel Now, is the idea that really, anything can happen and the sky is the limit,” says editor Tom Brevoort. “‘Age of Ultron’ is the exemplar of that. It’s supposed to make people feel edgy and uncomfortable.”

Of course, with any big event you can bet there will be lots of variant covers, the best of which is “Skottie Young Baby Variant”. It recreates the main cover but with a baby Ultron atop baby superheroes on the playground. Genocide has never been cuter!