Transformers Racist Robots
Producer Michael Bay got a lot of flack for introducing Ebonics speaking Transformers, which I dubbed Ebonicons, but apparently there were racist Transformers all along.

The Transformers were created as a slave race by the Quintessons but the robots rose up and took control of Cybertron. In Transformers: Generation 1 “Dweller in the Depths,” Megatron reluctantly teams up with the Quintessons, who have betrayed him in the past.

“Please Galvatron, you can’t lay one bad experience on the doorstep of the whole Quintesson race,” they insist. “Besides, how can you be so certain we are the ones who betrayed you?”

Galvatron hesitantly replies, “Well you all do look alike.”

As if there weren’t enough mixed messages, it turns out those were the Quintessons who betrayed the Decepticons and they do it again!