Man of Steel Prequel Comic
As part of a Walmart exclusive, advance screening tickets for Man of Steel included a prequel comic that hints at a possible cameo by Superman’s cousin.

Long before she became Supergirl, Kara Zor-El enlisted to colonize the universe in what was known as “The Great Expansion of Krypton.” But while Kara implores her teammates to work together, Dev-Em eliminates his competition in order to secure a spot on the mission. It’s the first murder on Krypton in over a thousand years so rather execute him and make it the second, the law council decides to get rid of him altogether.

Kara awakes from a cryo-sleep chamber to find her crew has been murdered by Dev-Em, who has clearly gone insane during his ten years as a stow away. Dev-Em alters course for a prehistoric Earth. He tells Kara that if she will not populate the planet with planet with him, then he will use the ship’s “growth codex” to create new Kryptonians. The ship crash lands in the Arctic and a shadowy figure exits.

Thousands of years later, a signal is detected coming from ship under the ice…

Man of Steel Prequel Comic (crash landing)