Skins Season 7 Trailer
Skins is back, no not that watered down MTV adaptation, the original cheeky children from generation 1 and 2. And now that they’re all grown up, expect even more adult situations!

The 3-part series will focus on Effy (Kaya Scodelario), Cook (Jack O’Connell) and Cassie (Hannah Murray) with guest appearances by Naomi (Lily Loveless) and Emily (Kat Prescott).

Bryan Elsley, co-creator said; “I am delighted that three emblematic actors, currently embarking on successful movie careers are returning to E4 and Skins. They will play their iconic characters as they emerge into adulthood, and bring new challenging stories of young adults, grappling with life in Cameron’s Britain, to vivid and entertaining focus.”

The trailer for first part “Fire” features Effy, who is as manipulative as ever. As a receptionist for a leading London hedge fund, she uses her feminine wiles to get insider information from Dominic (Craig Roberts) and starts an affair with her boss, Jake (Kayvan Novak).

Skins airs July 1 on E4.