Heroes of Cosplay - Yaya Han as Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Syfy’s newest series Heroes of Cosplay debuted this week with just 0.762 million viewers, nearly half that of the Face Off season premiere that was the lead-in.

The cosplay costumes couldn’t compete with professional makeup artists or even their peers. At the Wizard World Portland cosplay competition, none of the cast managed to win big. A very shiny Galactus appeared out of nowhere to devoured the competition and win best in show.

Cosplay partners Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad eked out best team with original D&D characters, despite using store-bought horns. They might have nullified Galactus by offering up their globes for a little fanservice but Conrad insisted it isn’t a “cleavage competition.” Maybe it should be. As Merizan points out, “sex sells that’s all I’m saying.”

Something Yaya Han, self-professed “ambassador of cosplay,” can attest to. Han has turned her hobby into a profession. She now judges the contests that she once competed in but she still goes all out with cleavage-friendly costumes like Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.