3D Decal Kidnapping Hoax
Waco Police have received numerous calls about a hogtied woman in the back of a pickup truck but it was just an optical illusion created by a 3D decal from Hornet Signs.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions we got, nor do we condone this by any means,” owner Brad Cobb told KTWX. “It was more or less something we put out there to see who noticed it.”

Ironically, the company’s Facebook page has been inundated with threats about the misogynistic image.

“While the negative publicity we have received is not unwarranted, we would like to respectfully remind the public that, threats and personal attacks on our employees are also a form of abuse that many of our critics have voiced such outrage and concern over,” Hornet Signs posted.

Cobb says he doesn’t condone violence against anyone. In online video response, he challenges critics to be proactive by making a donation to Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children. Hornet Signs has made a “generous” donation and for every like their Facebook page receives they’ll make another undisclosed donation.