Sexy Walking Dead Costume (sassy Rick Grimes)
Sexy Walking Dead Costume (Michonne wig and headband)
As if poor Carl didn’t have enough issues after having to shoot his own mother to stop her from turning into a zombie. Now he’s got a new mom… and it’s his dad!

Introducing Sassy Rick Grimes, a gender bending Walking Dead costume for Halloween or any other time you’re feeling sassy. For the sexy sisters, there’s the Michonne wig with headband. Shirtless male zombies are not included but it shouldn’t be hard to find some volunteers. If you don’t want to show too much skin, then just rip it off and go as the faceless Bunny Slipper Girl from the first episode.

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Think these costumes are dead sexy or dead wrong?

Sexy Walking Dead Costume (bunny slipper girl)