Top 4 Moments in The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

Things to look forward to in The Walking Dead Season 4:

#4 – Zombie mud trap

I don’t know who’s driving but I know who’s not getting out to push (this guy).

#3 – Robots or Aliens or Robot Aliens or Alien Robots

There will be a new enemy hints Denise Huth, co-executive producer.

“The relative safety that they’re created at the prison begins to fall apart.” says Huth. “And it’s not really walkers. And it’s not other people.”

#2 – Zombie 101

Carol teaches schoolchildren how to kill zombies.

#1 –  No Hope

“This is The Walking Dead,” asserts series creator Robert Kirkman. “Things are only gonna get worse. Just wait.”

Executive producer Scott M Gimple adds “There might not be any hope.”