Fruit of the Loom Markets Action Panties and Boxers (stunt woman Mickey Facchinello)

Fruit of the Loom is showing its underwear in action with a new ad campaign titled “Start Happy.”

In a panty commercial that seems to appeal more to men than woman, a very fit stuntwoman (Mickey Facchinello) performs various feats in her underwear. It’s filmed in slow-motion so as you can imagine it’s very important for the panties to stay in place.

“Nobody can afford to start the day with their panties in a bunch, especially not a stuntwoman,” the narrator explains. “Seems that a smooth fitting Fruit of the Loom microfiber panty just might put the pep in your step to going toe-to-toe with ninja commandos look easy. Sound like I’m overselling the undies? Well… could be. But at least these panties aren’t creeping upstairs while she’s falling downstairs.”

But don’t think you can go out and but a pair of Fruit of the Loom panties and replicated these stunts. The disclaimer warns, “Do not attempt unless you’re a professional on a closed course wearing the right underwear.”

Fruit of the Loom Markets Action Panties and Boxers (pit crew)

And for the women there’s a beefcake version that features a pit crew changing the tires in their boxers without having to “recalibrate their own nuts and bolts.”

The ad agency behind the commercial is Crispin Porter & Bogusky. They came up with idea after being briefed in series of in-house interviews with both men and women.

“We found that there’s a universal truth between men and women, who say, ‘If I put on the wrong underwear at the beginning of the day, it’s going to derail,’” creative director Matt Fischvogt told the New York Times. “You want underwear that you can count on not itching you in the middle of the day, not riding up and giving you a wedgie.”

To see ‘more’ of Facchinello, check out her previous stunt work below.