Thought we were done with the Miley Cyrus twerking jokes?

Logo TV severed up some leftovers for Thanksgiving with a parody of the foul dance moves. The reanimated corpse of a turkey grinds and gyrates its tail to what is billed the greatest holiday song of all time, “Twerk your Turkey.”

“Logo viewers have known for years that avoiding the stress of the family Thanksgiving dinner is just the thing needed to actually enjoy the holiday,” reads the press release. “So, while millions of people head off across the country to spend Thanksgiving with their families, those in the know opt to partake in “Friendsgiving” with their besties instead. And to help get you in the Friendsgiving mood, today, Logo TV’s debuting the world premiere of the so-wrong-it’s-right ‘Twerk your Turkey’ video. Viewers are sure to gobble up this instant Friendsgiving classic.”

Twerksgiving Turkey