Family Guy uplifting tale about beached whale is real sidesplitter (S12E09 Peter Problems - forklift)

In last night’s Family Guy episode “Peter Problems,” Peter gets a promoted to forklift operator because he’s already required to wear a helmet. He’s initially afraid of the machine but soon he’s using it for everything from chugging beer vats to propping up his handicapped friend, Joe.

He can even pick up a seashell with pinpoint accuracy yet when he tries to move a beached whale it gets impaled and stuck on the lift. His attempts to dislodge it make matters worse. The whale is torn apart until it finally falls off. The gruesome scene becomes so uncomfortable that you can’t help but laugh. It’s reminiscent of Peter’s attempt to throw a dead frog out the window without toughing it in “Long John Peter.”

In another case of life imitating art, similar results were recently witnessed during a real-life whale beaching in Carrasco, Uruguay. Loader and excavator trucks dragged a 25 ton sperm whale out of the ocean. The whale was then suspended on a flatbed truck for removal. The ropes gave way and whale guts spewed out a puncture hole.