Godzilla cartoon Godzooky cameo in Godzilla movie
Godzilla Godzooky plush toyEvery classic cartoon had an animal sidekick for comic relief and the Godzilla cartoon was no exception. Godzilla had a “cowardly cousin” named Godzooky, ‘voiced’ by legend Don Messick (Scooby-Doo). Every week he would get into trouble and be reprimanded with the disappointed utterance of his name: “Godzooky…”

Godzilla movie director Gareth Edwards told Empire magazine he owns the entire series on DVD. His friends texted him so much about making a Godzooky movie that his phone would auto correct Godzilla to Godzooky, which he then had to explain to the studio. He went on to say that Godzooky would make an appearance in the film to which fanboys everywhere collectively sighed, “Gareth…”

Of course Edwards was just joking or was he?

Neither Godzooky nor his live-action counterparts Godzilla Junior or Minilla are likely to make an actual appearance but perhaps he’ll be referenced as an Easter egg like Mothra apparently was in the Godzilla trailer, in which Godzilla’s tongue looks a lot like a flapping wings of a moth.

Edwards has confirmed there will be Easter eggs for classic Toho kaiju.

“The creatures are original to this film but very much inspired by Toho (there are some Easter eggs for fans),” Edwards said in a Q&A on Facebook.

Mothra may not make an appearance either but Godzilla’s opponent is a flyer. It’s a completely original monster (sorta).

“Yeah, we start from scratch,” Edwards explained. “Trying to design a new creature that feels like something you’ve not seen yet looks good is a really hard task. We went for a combo of our favourite monsters from every movie. Part-shark, part-Alien Queen, part-Starship Troopers, part gorilla… They’re kind of an amalgam.”

The look may have been inspired by movie monsters, the feel of the creatures is based in reality. Visual effects supervisor Jim Rygiel says he watched animals videos to replicate the way animals actually fight rather than the WWF wrestling moves of a typical Godzilla flick.

Godzilla delivers the smack down on May 16… Oh yeah!