Zoe Kravitz revealing interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actress Zoë Kravitz made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie Divergent but you can’t help but think of her stripper scene in X-Men: First Class, in which she undresses with her back to the camera, sadly. This time she had to pull her top up! Kravitz channeled the fearless of her movie character by wearing very sexy strapless dress.

Zoe Kravitz revealing interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live (cleavage)

Her super cleavage wasn’t the only thing she revealed.

“In case you guys didn’t know, I’m black,” divulged the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Kravitz recalled that as child she rebelled from her rockstar father by listening to the Spice Girls. She wanted to be Baby Spice but her friends assumed she’d want to be Scary Spice. Proving that’s it’s true what they same about people who assume.

Divergent opens March 21, 2014.