Robot Chicken Nerd new Doctor Who companion (Walking Dead Lobster)

Doctor Who comes to the America in the Robot Chicken episode “Walking Dead Lobster.”
The Robot Chicken Nerd worms his way into becoming the new companion of the Doctor, who appears to be a previous incarnation judging by the long scarf favored by the Fourth Doctor.

“I’ve never seen the show but I feel like I’ve absorbed the gist of it through nerd osmosis,” the American fanboy admits.

The Nerd isn’t impressed with the time traveling police box known as the TARDIS, which is famous for being bigger on the inside. He points out that Snoopy’s doghouse is also surprisingly spacious but it doesn’t have design flaws like windows that open into the vacuum of space.

Their destination is equally disappointing. They arrive on an alien world reminiscent of low budget episodes from early in the series. The scenery and costumes are cheap looking; and the Doctor’s archenemy a Dalek is literally a pushover. The Time Lord attempts to explain the intellectual premise of their journey but it goes over the head of his companion.

The Nerd returns home where he finds an adventure more in tune with American tastes. An proper looking alien declares whoever gets the high score in a video game will become The Last Starfighter and get to blow up stuff in space for real!

Robot Chicken airs Sunday 12:30 p.m. on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network.