Saved by the Bell parody is insanely good

Funny or Die is promoting its OddBall comedy festival with a Saved by the Bell parody titled Saved by the Ball. A real-life student transfers into the fictional school and hijinks ensue. He asks a cheerleader (Kelly) and her colorfully dressed friend (Lisa) about getting tickets to the ball but he’s accosted by jock (Slater), who think he’s asking his girlfriend to a school dance. The bully calls him a preppy, Slater’s go-to insult for Zack on the show. A suspender wearing nerd named Stretch (Screech) steps in and saves the day. Their over-the-top antics and an incessant laugh track drive the transfer student insane. By the end the broken boy is mugging for credits. If only he watched more Saved by the Bell, he’d have know all he had to do was gesture a timeout and get the hell outta there.