Simpsons couch gag save Itch and Scratchy show The Wreck of the Relationship

The Simpsons couch gag gets very meta in this week’s episode “The Wreck of the Relationship.” The family arrives home to find Itchy & Scratchy, a cat and mouse team with a rivalry like Tom and Jerry except much more violent. The characters are from a cartoon short featured on The Krusty the Clown Show, which itself is a show within the Simpsons universe.

Itchy kills Scratchy almost always but Homer intervenes this time. He ejects the axe wielding mouse and saves the cat, who starts living on their couch. Homer becomes football buddies with Scratchy until some his friends come over and trash the place. The frisky cat even invites his girlfriend over for a makeout session, which is the last straw.

Simpsons couch gag Itchy and Scratchy show football The Wreck of the Relationship

Marge decides their house guest has over stayed his welcome and tells Homer lets Itchy back in to finish the job. The camera cuts away before Itchy can swing the axe but we see the aftermath. The Simpsons’ living room television is covered in blood as the opening credits play on it.

The Simpsons airs Sunday 8PM on Fox.

Simpsons couch gag Itchy and Scratchy show axe The Wreck of the Relationship