Jimmy Fallon reveals Will Ferrell new Little Debbie mascot

Tonight Show guest Will Ferrell appeared dressed in drag as the Little Debbie, not be confused with Lil Debbie. The actor told host Jimmy Fallon that he has signed a sweet endorsement deal, which requires him to dress as the mascot at all times.

“I’m not the Hollywood hunk I once was,” he explained. “This mug ain’t making the moola like it used to. I got a mouth to feed. This one right here. My mouth.”

He then channeled Oprah and enthusiastically announced that everyone in the audience would get the delicious snack cakes… if they went to the store and bought them, though he later handed out a few of the pastries.

Ferrell stayed in character throughout the interview even while promoting his new movie Get Hard, which was fortunately filmed prior to his endorsement deal.

Fallon mentioned that Meryl Streep has crush on Ferrell whom she describes as a man unlike the barefaced Ryan Gosling. Ferrell readily agreed with her assessment and showed off his tough Little Debbie. He rolled up his frilly sleeves and pretended to smoke a candy cigarette then put it out on the host.