Batman v Superman deleted scene star Jimmy Kimmel Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Jesse Eisenberg

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars joker Jimmy Kimmel but his scene was cut for being “too awesome” explained guest Ben Affleck. It features Bruce Wayne (Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) in a heated argument that attracts the attention of Kimmel, who quickly deduces their secret identities. He mocks Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) for not seeing it sooner. They’re denials are interrupted by Will Arnett, who freely admits that he’s Lego Batman but no one cares.

Superman throws Kimmel into outer space. The late night host lands on Mars where he finds stranded astronaut Matt Damon from The Martian. Damon suggests they pass the time by doing a talk show together but Kimmel says he would rather die.

The Kimmel and Damon have been archenemies ever since the host began signing off by
facetiously apologizing to the actor for being bumped from the show. Damon managed to sneak onto the show with the help of this super friend Affleck, who displayed superhuman strength by carrying him in harness under his coat.

“I’ve been figuratively carrying him for years,” Affleck joked. “Now literally.”