Donald Trump hair mess toupee Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump let his hair down on The Tonight Show. The presidential candidate allowed himself an undignified moment before he possibly became President. Jimmy Fallon manhandled his hair, which remained firmly attached to his head to the chagrin of many late night comics.

Trump’s hair has been comb-over or a toupee. Even Hillary Clinton seemed to question during her guest appearance on the show. Hillary asked Fallon if Trump has ever let him touch the hair before offering up her own hair for inspection.

Trump has brought audience members on stage during rallies to verify his hair’s authenticity. However, they never been as thorough a Fallon, who seemed as if he was attempting to rub a wish out the golden billionaire.

The former host of The Apprentice addressed the speculation on Larry King in 2004. He joked that the ratings would suffer if he changed his iconic hairstyle. The real reason is that he’s a creature of habit.

“It’s worked,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon messes up Donald Trump's hair

Donald Trump voice of the people

At least one thing about Trump is phony — his voice. Fallon confessed to having done the occasional Donald Trump impression, which has changed while on the campaign trail. He noted that the presidential candidate has gone from speaking in a high voice to yelling before eventually dialing it back.

“Now you’re more of a smokey, silky…like a Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin impression,” Fallon said while in character.

Trump admitted that he’s trying to sound less crazy after Fallon thanked him for providing the comedian with a huge amount of material.