Blood Drive Syfy poster art grindhouse
Blood Drive is Syfy’s most provocative series since Lexx (1997). The grindhouse style story is set in a dsytopian “future” (read: 1999) where race cars run on human blood but that’s not the only bodily fluid going splat. Each installment of the 13 episode long series has a different genre of exploitation including sexploitation. The fifth episode features sex zombies dubbed “The Fucking Dead,” which is not bleeped out in the trailer. It’s literally oozing with sexual innuendo. “They’re coming,” moans their lucky victim.

Syfy allowed most of it to go uncensored explained creators James Roland and John Hlavin during a Reddit AMA.

“Very uncensored,” Hlavin touted. “We pushed it to the actual limit. Frankly, we couldn’t believe they let us get away with half of it.”

“Unfortunately no full frontal, but lots of ass,” added Roland. “We shot what we wanted, made them black bar us. But we got to let the fucks fly freely and had no limitations on gore or … body fluids, blood or non. … [W]e never wanted to get too cutesy with the black bars. And as show progressed they basically caved in and got more and more desensitized. When Standards and Practices got episode 5 in particular they sent out an e-mail saying ‘give us a couple weeks, we have to wrap our heads around this'”

Blood Drive cast

The future is a topsy turvy world where cops are the bad guy (can you even imagine?). Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) stars as Arthur Bailey AKA Barbie, the last good cop, which gets him drafted in a death race. Christina Ochoa co-stars as Grace D’Argento (Matador), a nod to Italian horror film director Dario Argento. She enter the races to win the $10 million prize and save her sister from incarceration. The pair are stuck with each other. Drivers have bombs implanted in their heads that cause intense pain when they get too far apart from their teammate. And the bombs will explode if they are the last team to reach a check point.

The team’s progress is narrated by the sadistic master of ceremonies, Julian Slink, portrayed by Colin Cunningham (Falling Skies). Arthur’s disappearance from the force is investigated by his former partner Christopher Carson, portrayed Thomas Dominique (Undercover). But he has his own problems when he gets too close to the truth. He’s literally drilled for answers by a sex robot named Aki played by Marama Corlett (Sinbad).

Blood Drive airs Wednesday 10PM on Syfy

Episode 1 – “The Fucking Cop”

Episode 2 – “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”

Episode 3 – “Steel City Nightfall”

Episode 4 – “In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill”

Episode 5 – “The Fucking Dead”