pay no attention to the woman behind the curtainpay no attention to the woman behind the curtain

No it’s not the latest in Halloween costumes. It’s called urban camouflage and it’s quite possibly the funniest thing ever. The mentally challenged brainchild of designer Aya Tsukioka, urban camouflage gracefully conceals the wearer from would be assailants, assuming that would be assailant is Elmer Fud. I'm invisibleSimply duck down a corner, flip your clothes inside out, and pray they ain’t thirsty. Unfortunately, due to their size children are resigned to wearing the please don’t beat the crap outta me ’cause I’m retard costume (pictured right). There’s even a manhole purse… you heard me A M-A-N-H-O-L-E PURSE! Just throw it on the ground and voila instant handbag roadkill but at least those hooligans won’t get it. Like all things Asian, expect an American remake in 2008: workplace camouflage, it’s like you’re not even there.