Star Trek: ConquestRelax Halo 3 you’re still #1 in my book but Star Trek: Conquest comes a close 2nd. The big reviewers (IGN/Gamespot) are giving it 8/10.

This game is a 5/10 tops! And here’s why. It should’ve been called Star Trek: Risk ’cause that what this game aims to be. Unfortunately it fails! You decide how many players (alien civilizations) there will be and fight for control of the heavens. Sweet right. Wrong! It’s a single player game. Imagine playing Risk versus a computer, I know they do have that but at least the computerize version of Risk offers a multiplayer option for those of us with friends.

For those of you without friends, you’ll still be disappointed with this game. The graphics are ok but your battles take place on a 2-dimensional map, add to that the fact that controls suck. In fact. WHAT CONTROLS! Other than steering and deciding on an offensive or defensive stance, you’ve got phasers or torpedoes that’s it! Star Trek: Bridge Commander was much more satisfying with its more intricate control system.

Star Trek solely as a shooter is just stupid. Watch some awesome gameplay for yourself (video right). Another let down is that you are given control of only O-N-E ship at a time so that if that one explodes, that’s it. No switching to to the next ship. ONE SHIP BATTLES SUCK! One of the few positives of the game is that you can do hit and run attack to slowly wear your enemy down.

There’s even little problems with game design like in the menus. In modern gaming one expects that when you scroll through the options and get to the bottom that if you hit the down button again it’ll scroll back to the top of the menu options rather than hit up over and over. Not so in Star Trek: Conquest. Last but not least are story errors like giving the Federation the option of using the Genesis weapon. For those of you who haven’t seen Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (shame on you), the whole point of the Genesis project is that it was too dangerous as a terraforming tool because of its destructive capabilities. So why is it in the Federation’s arsenal, is this the Mirror Universe? If it were I might give Star Trek: Conquest a better score. STAR TREK: CONQUEST – On a scale of warp 1-10 gets an 1/4 Impulse speed