Remember way back in 2000, when everyone was in an uproar because despite winning the popular vote Al Gore lost the electoral vote. We’re a nation with A.D.D. because nearly 2 elections later nothing has (or will) be done. In fact, Rudolph Giuliani may have put it best when he recently compared the race for President to the World Series saying “you win some, you lose some” in reference to his targeting certain states and virtually ignoring others.

We’re constantly bombarded with get out the vote campaigns and yet politicians openly admit to pandering to so called winnable states or those with a large number of electoral votes. Politicians argue they have no choice but to play the game but why exactly is this game stacked against you, the voter.

Schoolyard bullying, plain & simple. Those States who have managed to wrest your rights away from you long before you were even born damn sure aren’t about to level the playing field for John Q. Public. But it’s not just the big states trying to take more than their fair share of the political pie. Many states are changing their primary dates in order to increase their influence on the nominees. Perhaps the biggest travesty in a free and fair election is the Iowa Caucus. Not only do they go first but they’ve got some of the strangest rules you’ve ever heard of like voters getting multiple votes. If your candidate has less than 15% of the vote, you must vote for another candidate and so on until a everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. And oh yeah, you only need to be 17-years-old to vote. That’s right, high schoolers, the kind of people who ask compelling questions like boxers or briefs, will be voting your candidate of choice right out of the race before s/he ever has the chance to campaign in your disenfranchised neck of the woods. So remember when vote on Nov. 4th your vote counts, just not as much as others.