Stargate The Ark of Truth Ori

The best thing about Stargate: The Ark of Truth is a direct-to-DVD movie that cost only $7 million as compared to the original movie which cost $55 million and boy does it show.

It’s not bad per se but considering this is supposed to be the grand finale to 2 seasons of battling the ascended aliens known as the Ori and they want you to pay for it, it had better be damn good and it’s not.

The story picks up where the series ended, with the Ori supposedly destroyed but their faithful followers are still converting/incinerating non-believers. Luckily, Dr. Daniel Jackson knows about an ancient piece of technology that can magically fix everything (doesn’t he always) and so begins the search for the Ark of Truth. But this Ark ain’t an instrument of God. It’s the ultimate brainwashing device which those pansy Ancients, who created it, were to afraid to use because of their enlightened nonintervention policy. Of course for some reason they have no problem with SG-1 salvaging their weapons of mass destruction!

The action in this 90 minute movie is less than that of many of the series’ 45 minute episodes which is probably why the writers decided to throw some Replicators into the mix and even that ends up being unimpressive at best, ending in the slowest slow-motion explosion you’ve ever seen. The story culminates in 2 balls of light battling (circling) each other. Even more disappointing was the non-existent relationship between Daniel and Vala. I know the closeness they shared in the final episode was erased thanks to time travel but it seems they’re more distant than ever! Here’s to hoping they’ll fix this in the final movie due out in July. Stargate: The Ark of Truth gets 6 chevrons outta 9.