One Missed Call remake movie

Like a generic movie monster, the J-horror remakes keep coming back – cue blood curdling scream. One Missed Call misses the mark despite staying true to the original (for the most part).

The overall story remains the same: some kids receive ominous voice mail from their future-selves that marks the moment of their impending deaths, and the only person who can solve the mystery is a detective with his own personal reasons for getting involved. Where the movie differs is in it’s execution (pun intended).

While the original used suspense and character development to lead up to the deaths, the remake depends on special effects like mouths for eyes woman. And some of the supernatural encounters end up being more comical than creepy like the opening death scene in which the ghost kills a cat after killing its owner. Even the new ringtone is laughable when compared to the chilling original. You can judge for yourself here: One Missed Call ringtones.

Do yourself a favor, even if you’re too curious to miss this one make sure you watch the original first and just remember curiosity killed the cat!