sports car with tail fins included
Season 2 of Torchwood premiered this week with “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” and special guest star Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I say Spike rather than the actor who portrayed him (James Marsters) because his temperament is so similar I nearly expected him to start sucking someone’s blood.
Marsters plays Captain John Hart a fellow Time Agent and all around bad guy, who arrives on present day Earth warning the Torchwood team of impending disaster. Reluctantly, they agree if only to be rid of him.

This episode exudes sex. It turns out Captain Jack & John were partners in more way than one, but Jack’s still carrying a torch for Gwen – and the team’s support man Ianto? That’s right, looks like the bisexual Captain Jack is switching sides once again. He asks Ianto out on date seemingly outta nowhere – AND IANTO AGREES!
If this episode was any sign of things to come, season 2 might be the best one yet. It even hinted that Captain Jack’s past… or is it his future, will finally be revealed this season. Check out this sweet preview of season 2! (video right)