Romero’s on a roll – DOWNHILL! Night of the Living Dead 3D, Day of the Dead (remake) and now Diary of the Dead, the only thing scary about these movies is how bad they are.

Diary of the Dead chronicles the initial zombie outbreak through the indifferent eyes (camera lens) of film student Jason Creed, who just can’t seem to put down the camera down (even when his girlfriend’s being chased by the undead). It’s like Cloverfield with zombies!

Diary of the Dead can be summed up in 1 word: predictable. It opens with Jason and his friends in the middle of making their own campy movie (as if one wasn’t enough) in which a very fast moving mummy is reprimanded by the director for being unrealistic as “dead things don’t move fast”. Of course Mr. Know-it-all ends up being right, and later on when a zombified mummy shambles its way after his girlfriend, Jason exclaims “I told you so!” Throughout the movie Jason shows little concern for his girlfriend and yet by the end Debra embraces Jason’s obsession, which is not at all surprising since she narrates the entire movie even before she makes he first on-screen appearance. :sarcasm: Gee I wonder why she’s narrating Jason’s movie. :sarcasm:

To paraphrase Asian girl #1, Don’t watch Diary of the Dead, first shoot in head.