detroit metal city - anime

Poor Negishi Soichi just wants to spend his days singing sweet love ballads. Unfortunately sweet doesn’t sell with Japan’s jaded youth so Negishi adpots the persona of Krauser II, lead singer of Detroit Metal City (DMC) and all-round badass.

Krauser formed DMC after escaping from prison for killing and then raping his parents. And even though it’s all an act, Negishi just can’t seem to his two worlds separated. Even when the KISS-inspired face paint comes off Negishi inevitably ends up slipping back into character which makes for some awkward but very funny situations.

It’s like an anime version of Metalocalypse except it doesn’t suck! You can download the preview special here (torrent).


  • accidental rapes – 1.5
  • @1:55 there appears to be graffiti on the wall of Ryuk from Death Note
  • KISS frontman Gene Simmons will star as the Demon God of Rock and Roll in a live-action adaptation due out later this week!