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It seems Osama Bin Laden has a fan in Japan and his name is Timaking.

He’s the creator of Afuganisu-Tan, a “historical” comic that chronicles the turbulent past of Afghanistan through disarmingly cute characters each of which represent a country. Afghanistan is portrayed as a poor pitiable child, while America is depicted an arrogant bully who coerces the rest of the world into the global war on terror.

As if this revisionist history wasn’t skewed enough, Osama Bin Laden is drawn as a frisky cat who playfully bites America on the hand (picture right). The gross caricature of America then indiscriminately attacks Afghanistan, and only after America leaves is there a miraculous peace between Afghanistan and its neighbors.

I wonder how the author would react if someone drew a comic where a sweet little birdie named America took a dump on a stereotypical looking Japanese man to represent the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII.

If you want to read Afuganisu-Tan in its entirety (around 30 pages) you can download it via bittorrent or sign-up at Hanashi and download it directly.

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