X-men Manifest Destiny 1 Nuwa supervillain

Look out Leap-Frog & Stilt-Man there’s a Nuwa supervillain in town and she’s got what could quite possibly be the worst superpower ever: sedation!

That’s right, she makes you sleepy.

Nuwa (a name that’s suspiciously similar to numa, as in the numa numa kid) makes her first and likely last appearance in X-men: Manifest Destiny #1 where she is quickly dispatched by Boom Boom after she discovers Nuwa’s one weakness… no not a good night’s sleep but almost as lame: caffeine!

X-men Manifest Destiny 1 Nuwa super coffee
The story ends with Nuwa getting blown up and the words “never to be continued…” But I sure hope not. This would be the perfect character to team up with other campy villains like the aforementioned Leap-Frog & Stilt-Man, a sorta evil version of the Great Lake Avengers.