Stepford Wife sex robot

Meet Aiko she’s the world’s first woman with BRAINS, that’s Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System.

“Aiko doesn’t need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman,” brags creator Le Trung.

But despite having touch sensors everywhere on her body (and I do mean everywhere), Trung insists “Aiko is still a virgin, AND NO I do not sleep with her.” In fact, he’s programmed her to be quite the prude. If you’re too frisky, she’ll slap you (video below). Perhaps Trung should hold off on the $12,000 leg upgrade he’s planning, she might just walk out on him just like a real woman.

Visit for more information or to donate to Aiko’s development (Trung is currently unemployed and has already used his entire life savings building his woman that doesn’t put out).