Batman dead!
It seems the caped crusader just can’t catch a break (except that one time with Bane).

First, he literally lost his mind. Then, he was presumed dead after punching a helicopter to death in Batman R.I.P. When in fact, an incapacitated Batman was taken prisoner in an attempt to create an army of Batmen. And no sooner does he escape than he meets his demise at the hands of Darkseid in Final Crisis #6 .

And so begins Batman: Battle for the Cowl, a “3-issue miniseries event written and drawn by Tony Daniel (The Tenth) features the battle to take on the Mantle of the Bat.”

Batman: Battle for the Cowl

And after seeing this teaser, all I have to say is ‘told ya so’ (Batman R.I.P.).

This is totally Reign of the Batmen! There’s even a cyborg Batman. Notice the hand coming outta the crate, and it is a crate (not a coffin). It’s even labeled ‘Wayne Enterprises’ as in technology.

All that’s left is for Batman to make his inevitable miraculous resurrection. But like I said before “Batman isn’t Superman. He can’t just soak up some rays and come back to life.”

At first I thought he’s gotta still be alive. DC couldn’t possibly pull another Jason Todd outta their hat. But after reading Final Crisis #6 it’s so obvious. The story starts off with Brainiac 5 showing Superman the Miracle Machine, a machine that turns thoughts into things – an actual deus ex machina. The machine, which is deemed to to dangerous, has been permanently switched off – but that’s in the 31st century.

But enough about Bats.

I hope DC does not waste this opportunity to do something dramatic with Superman. Sure he was pissed when he found out about Batman, but how much of a lasting impact will it have on him? A lot I should think. First, Superman lost his adoptive son Chris Kent to the Phantom Zone. Then, his father Jonathan Kent in an attack by Brainiac. And now Batman, who he thought of like a brother. Plus, after finally restoring Kandor he is rejected by its citizens – and Supergirl sides with them!

It’s been said that the real source of his power is his loved ones so what could this portend for Superman? Perhaps the Big “Blue” Boyscout will earn that name as he deals with the depression that he must surely be suffering from after the past year.