barack obama action figureWhat’s black, 12 inches long, and fits in the palm of your hand?

That’s right, the new 1/6 scale Barack Obama Action Figure from DiD corp.

This isn’t some cheesy bobblehead knockoff. It’s a fully posable work of art. There are 3 sets of hands (grasping, finger pointing, and posable), 2 heads (mouth open/closed), and accessories like a stool for sitting down & talking to terrorists (zing). And while there may not be preconditions, there are conquences like when the Commander-in-Whoopass pulls out his badass samurai swords (badass samurai swords not included).

Your best bet for getting this is straight from the source

It’s a bit pricey ($69.99 in US & $79.99 outside US), but it’s totally worth it – even if you were one of those racist McCain supporters, in which case Obama’s negotiations with your Cobra Commander figure could go very wrong if you know what I mean.