Dark Reign Young Avengers - racist comics
First the villains usurped the Avengers’ name. Now they’ve done it again in Dark Reign: Young Avengers. But these imposters are nothing like the real thing. In addition to being extremely violent (killing criminals or worse), most of the team is racist!

The most blatant of which is Big Zero, a super-sized white supremacist who uses epithets like whitebread & wigger (although it’s censored out). In her spare time she uses her feminine wiles to indoctrinate (reprogram) the team’s cyborg Egghead… that’s right, super racist robot sex! (picture left, of the reprogramming not the sex)

Then there’s Executioner, a gun-toting killer with a white mask & noose around his neck. And while he hasn’t shown his true colors yet (so to speak) it’s safe to assume he ain’t PC.

The team’s de facto leader Melter (he melts things) is the only one to stand up to these bigots (sorta). He tells Big Zero that her speeches about overthrowing the government are “cool” but the racism not-so-much. Unfortunately, in the same breath he caves in saying, “If coat wants you here, you must be okay. I guess.”

The issue ends with the real Young Avengers showing up, talk about a cliffhanger. I’m guessing Big Zero will have some colorful words for Patriot (black Captain America) and then quickly find herself in a world of hurt.