Genie moneyUnlike the friendly and purely fictional genies of the Western world, jinns (as they’re called in the Middle East) are very real and kinda dicks.

At least that’s what one family in Saudi Arabia is claiming. They’ve filed a lawsuit against a genie that’s been haunting them for the past 2 years. This unfriendly ghost has stolen their cell phones and left them threatening voicemails with their own phones no doubt! Although I am a little curious how they knew it was the genie. Was he like, “Yeah it’s me again, whoooooo~”

But if the family’s story is in fact true, they’ve going about this all wrong. It’s gonna to be a lot harder to summons a genie to appear in court than just rubbing some lamp. And even if they do manage to convict a supernatural being in absentia, how do they plan on collecting damages… free wishes? Now if they really want to get paid, what they need to do is sell this story – Ghost Hunters: Arabian Nights! (check your local listings)