Neighbors from Hell

An evil corporation is drilling down to the center of the Earth and only one demon can save Hell.

Balthazor Hellman is a lousy demon but thanks to years of watching TV, he’s the perfect infiltrator or as he calls it “SNORFIN” (Seeming NORmal and Fitting IN).

Silly acronyms is about as funny as it gets (i.e., not very).

The show starts in Hell where Balthazor is torturing a man with Britney Spears music, while his teenage daughter is hex messages her friends and his son tries to get to level 666 of Guitar Hero. The unoriginality is the real torture.

The TV references only make it worse. When they arrive on Earth, Balthazor instructs his family to watch TV to fit in like him. He tells his goblin-dog to pay special attention to the TV show Alf because apparently demons also love to eat cats, which predictably sets up the Hellman’s racist neighbor to make a joke about the Chinese.

And when their neighbors inevitably discover the Hellmans’ secret, the dog stops time for quick moral lesson reminiscent of the show Out of this World, then he conveniently erases their memories. If only he could erase my memories of this godawful show.

Neighbors from Hell airs Mondays at 10 on TBS.