Cat Shit One
Of course you realize, this means war.

In a world populated by animals, rabbits Packy and Botasky combat camel terrorists in the Middle East as part of special forces unit known as Cat Shit One.

The animation doesn’t just look great, it feels spot on. The characters’ movements are almost too realistic. Packy and Botasky move just like you’d expect rabbits walking on their hind legs to move, waddling back and forth on their big floppy feet.  The hunched over camel are equally clumsily. They walk as though on stilts and even trip on occasion.

But Cat Shit One never trivializes war.

Although bloodless, the action is frighteningly intense. Most of the fighting is done with long range weapons but sometimes these soldiers have to get their paws dirty. In order to sneak into the enemy camp, Packy slits the throat of one of the guards then dispatches the kidnappers with a silencer. War ain’t pretty, but it’s pretty damn cute!