I’m seeing double and isn’t even happy hour.

Contrary to the movies in which Tony Stark was adamantly against mass producing Iron Man, in the new anime series he announces he will retire with the introduction of a new production model called Dio, which works out about as well as it did in Iron Man 2. Except for that one oversight, he’s still the same peace loving playboy.

Tony’s ultimate goal is to supply the world with free clean energy, starting in Japan, where he meets Nanami Outa, an airhead reporter who literally falls for Tony during a press conference.

The anime is much more suited for a mature audience, not just because of the love interest but the violence, specifically casualties. In the first episode, people are vaporized, not robots, not aliens, people, plus they’re good guys! Granted it happens off-screen but it’s more than you would ever see stateside. Violence isn’t the only thing  amped up. The soundtrack is one long guitar riff, which while great during fight scenes, is a little much when characters are just standing around making small talk.