Ideally products should improve life but the kawamura-ganjavian architecture and design studio takes the opposite approach.

Earshell Hearing Aid
We use earrings as symbols of distinction since time immemorial, however they are not particularly useful items. The EARSHELL is a simple, efficient and elegant sound enhancing device. It can be used to improve our listening of music or opera. Its refined and sleek profile gives it a jewellery feel.

Edward Utensilhands
There is an unwritten etiquette rule that says “Don’t eat with your fingers”, however most of our daily-life munching requires our fingers’ help (nuts, chocolate bars, toasts, sandwiches, tapas…). EAT WITH YOUR FINGERS consists of a set of three mini-pieces of cutlery (knife, fork, spoon) that fit at the end of our fingers reinventing to a small degree the experience of eating and finding a hygienic middle ground between the etiquette rule and our daily routine.

Ostrich Pillow
Working patterns are constantly evolving. We gradually spend more time in our working environments, and this in turn means that we often need to make work and rest fully compatible within the same space. Some cultures have assimilated this concept more naturally than others, but in general the workplace has rarely adapted to this new working-resting paradigm.

OSTRICH offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) for a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk.

Much like an ostrich, these ill-conceived concepts will never get off the ground.